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  • "There was always something bothering me about our way of life. Like an itch I couldn't quite scratch. I devoured the Quinn novels. I have been fundamentally changed by the focus it brought to my own questions and the avenues of thought it presented me." -- Mark Sample, Houston TX

  • "In the movie, 'The Matrix', Neo has a choice of taking a red pill, which frees his mind from its prison and enables him to see reality and save humanity, and a blue pill, which simply leaves him to remain trapped in his illusion but remain ignorant of his captivity. Reading Ishmael was my own 'red pill'. Which pill would you take?" -- Elyas Bakhtiari, San Antonio TX

  • "Ishmael was required reading for a philosophy class I took last quarter. I started the book only because I wanted a good grade in the class, and it ended up being the best book I ever read. Ever since I can remember I've had the idea that something was fundamentally wrong with our society. However, I was never really able to articulate it the way Daniel Quinn has, and more importantly I had nothing to compare it to. Since then I've read "My Ishmael", and "The Story of B" and I plan to read more of Quinn's works as soon as possible." -- Mike Marquand, Green River Community College student, Seattle, WA

  • "I'm 17, and for as long as I can remember I've been subtly uncomfortable and frustrated by the modern world we live within. For the last year this subtle feeling has surfaced, leaving me to feel lost and resentful of the world I was brought into. After reading Ishmael and My Ishmael, I realized many others feel this way." -- Laural Hadden, Berkeley, CA

  • "I'm a teacher who is currently using Ishmael for an English 1B course. Ishmael has been a genuine inspiration. It's time for a new vision, and Quinn is a true visionary." -- Jennifer Wagner, West Valley College Teacher, Santa Cruz, CA
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