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Ever Wonder What's Missing?

On page 5 of Ishmael, Quinn's narrator explains why he could never quite accept the idea that all there is to life is to "get a job, make some money, work till you're sixty, then move to Florida and die." A lot of us have a hard time with that concept, even feeling that somewhere someone has lied to us about a few things, though we can never put a finger on just what. For instance, have you ever had that instinctive feeling that there must be something more to life than this? Most of us have. Yet, each morning we trudge wearily through ever-growing traffic to take part in the daily grind. How else are we going to put food on the table and pay the bills? If we work hard enough, we tell ourselves, perhaps one day we can be one of the rich and famous...or at least get a raise. Sound familiar?

The sad thing is, however, that even reaching that level of the rich and famous isn't much of an answer. These days, even those who supposedly gain the most from our way of life don't seem all that thrilled with it. When's the last time you opened up the paper and DIDN'T hear about some superstar's woes? The stories of suicide, divorce and drugs among the rich and famous are rampant, and show that at some level, even with what we label unsurpassable success, something important is missing in our very way of life these days. But what is it?
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