Not Satisfied With the Usual Answers?

Our culture provides many answers that seek to explain why we feel something is missing. See if you recognize any of these or if they remind you of anyone you know:
  • The Salvation Answer - Our clergy will tell you the answer lies in finding salvation in religion.
  • The Doctor's Answer - Psychiatrists will tell you the answer lies in fixing the chemicals in your brain.
  • The Mystic's Answer - Some claim the answer lies in escaping the troubles of this world through "enlightenment".
  • The Salesman's Answer - Many take advantage of this popular feeling that something is missing by preying on it to sell snake oils and pills of all kinds claiming to have the answer. Ever watch those late night infomercials? They are filled with audiotape sets, hair replacement systems and exercise machines of all shapes and sizes promising to offer that one little change that you need to be back on the road to happiness.
  • The Disinterested Answer - Still others simply brush the question off altogether and just label those who bother to think about it as uptight or even crazy. Hey, sometimes we all want to escape.
But, in the end, do you ever get the feeling that all of these solutions are somewhat empty or incomplete?
  What's Missing? Tired Of Empty Promises?  

  Created by Daniel Quinn Readers