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Heard It All Before?

The narrator of Ishmael begins his journey upon finding an ad in the newspaper that reads "Teacher Seeks Pupil. Must Have An Earnest Desire to Save the World. Apply in Person."

Save the world? Are you rolling your eyes yet? If this were a late night infomercial, you'd hear the narrator begin to explain how thrilled he is about this prospect of saving the world. But not this narrator. He throws the ad down in disgust. He's sick of being given temporary answers that finally prove to be incomplete, just like most of us are.

We live in a society that is apathetic and sick of being offered empty solutions that fail year in and year out. Daniel Quinn doesn't expect you to believe that what you are going to read will change your mind. He expects you to be ready for another letdown. And then he surprises you.
  The Usual Answers Depressed Over Growing Problems?  

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